Partners and Projects

FragShield – Toycen's 20 years experience in EOD engineering of fabric composite armor systems has led to the recent development of FragShield®, a unique, Toycen developed, combination of woven and non-woven ballistic materials. FragShield® is engineered with a pliable, vented means of pressure and shock wave suppression. FragShield® mitigates the explosive force and fragmentation resulting from a detonation by organizing and dissipating the energy of the explosion and containing resulting fragmentation. It has been designed to organize blast energy and withstand /hold multiple simultaneous high velocity fragment strikes under extreme thermal and mechanical pressure. The principal material proposed for the VCV is FragShield RFX® which has the same unique ballistic characteristics as FragShield® but with added integral radio frequency (RF) shielding. FragShield RFX®'s capabilities as a pliable X-Ray tolerant fabric product capable of defeating RF initiated devices while maintaining advanced pressure and shock wave suppression makes it truly unique and appropriate for the VCV.

IED-SHIELD® - A new project for Toycen is the IED-SHIELD®, which is a unique portable blast and fragmentation mitigation system. IED-SHIELD® can be quickly deployed as a perimeter protective device by Bomb Squads in situations where there is a high chance of damage to personnel or facilities in case of detonation of an Improvised Explosive Device. IED-SHIELD® uses FragShield® or FragShield RFX® as it's primary component material.

FailSafe® - The FailSafe® link is next generation wireless local link for the command and control of military and urban security vehicles and devices. Improvements in video and audio compression techniques now make it possible to transmit useful video data over a much lower bandwidth channel than has previously been possible. It is also possible to transmit this data on a variety of wireless carriers simultaneously in different spectrums in order to defeat countermeasure interference and provide redundant capability.

CONTENDER® - Toycen's newest project is a lightweight Ground Robotics Vehicle which utilizes proprietary Toycen and partner technology to decrease weight, decrease procurement costs, provide high energy-density power, a superior next-generation power train, advanced manipulators, and semi-autonomous navigation. The CONTENDER® is expected to be available to clients in August 2009.

Joint Test and Assessment Activity (JTAA) – Toycen supports the JTAA based at the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane. The JTAA provides Combatant Commanders, Service Leaders, Program Managers and User-Sponsors with operationally relevant and timely test and assessment findings and transition-to-acquisition decision support information to field emerging, transformational, and dual-use technologies and capabilities in a responsive and cost effective manner. Toycen provides subject matter expertise related to Ground Robotics Test and Evaluation.