Engineering Work

January 2010 Concurrent Technologies Corporation wins 46 Million Dollar advanced Ground Robotics Contract.

Toycen Corporation, IRobot, Indiana University are Lead Contractors.

Work is to be Sponsored by NSWC CRANE. We are proud to be part of this team.


March 2010

Toycen Corporation is Retained by the Naval Surface Warfare Center at CRANE to write a report on the state of the art in stationary and deployable Pyrolysis systems.


April 2010

Toycen is retained by Boeing Canada for cutting tool grinding training advisory services.


May 1 2010 Toycen - REGEN - Concurrent Technologies Corporation and US Liquids Team up on project GULF Eagle to help clean up the gulf oil spill.



August 23 Maryland

First Chamber test of the Variable Containment Vessel (Bomb-Bag)are scheduled with ES&T







American Welding Society

Canadian Welding institute

Current Engineering Efforts.

Warfighter Robots Initiative

Ground Robotics Research and Development Award January 2010 – Under contract N00178-85-D-4255 to CTC. Toycen Corporation provides technical services to the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane related to Unmanned Vehicle Payload Integration , Advanced Platform design , Autonomous behavior development. Estimated Contract Value 46m over 5 years. Toycen is one of the Lead Contractor on this Seaport E Contract Vehicle.

Variable Containment Vessel (VCV) - Currently under development, Toycen's Variable Containment Vessel is a blast mitigation solution that can accommodate explosive devices ranging from a few ounces up to several pounds explosive. The VCV System will be available in several models, . All VCV Systems will be RF Shielded to between 60 and 80 dB (10 MHz to 20 GHz) to prevent accidental or purposeful RF Signal initiated device detonation.

Networked IED Snuffer

Next Gen "Networked Mobile Responders"

NIC Instruments produced the finest EOD hook and Llike and Minefield

clearence equipment available in the world today. Toycen has been working with

NIC since 2004 in product development across a spectrum of products.

Networked Mobile Investigator "First Responder"


Toycen Unmanned System Control Architecture.

TUSCA is a low power low cost distributed control system. The system provides command and power out to all peripherals, including all motors, and various peripherals such as lights, cameras, lasers, arms, weapons, sensors, payloads, etc.

TUSCA system architecture delivers an essentially unlimited opportunity to integrate additional buss devices which can be connected by, and operated from common physical and command interfaces.

Current Projects and Links

Ballistic Fabrics Frag Shield

Intelligent Cluster Networks ICN

Previous Bots Site Predator

Variable Containment Vessels Bomb Bag

Center for Ballistic Advanced Armor Research CBAAM

Resource Recovery Projects REGEN

Cuttermaster Professional Ready to roll out CUTTERMASTER Pro